RN, BSN, MSN,FNP, Reiki Master/Teacher

​Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

​​Stacy Noel 

Aura Energy Field 

There are seven layers of the aura.  Each aura layer is associated with a corresponding chakra. Each aura layer has it's own function, vibrational frequency and color.

Energetic information is being passed between us and our environment all of the time.  Have you ever walked in a room that felt really strange?  Met someone whom you instantly loved or received an uncomfortable feeling from? Have you ever felt drained by someone? These are all feelings based on the exchange of energy between yourself and another individual.

Healing Touch and Reiki, help us cleanse those energies that don't serve our highest good. Healing Touch and Reiki help us clear, balance and process all parts of our energy system.

Energetic Health and Balance

Healing Touch and Reiki practitioners have specific training that use their hands to gently influence the energy system.

The practitioner works from a heart-centered position and uses techniques during a session to clear the energy fields removing any environmental or personal congestion, removes blocks and patterns, opens the energy centers to allow energy to flow freely between the fields and the physical body and balances the energy channels in the body.

When an individual's energy system is clear, open, and balanced, the body is optimally positioned for self-healing to occur.

Remember that all healing is self-healing.   A practitioner does not push or force energy, he or she simply always the energy to flow where it is needed in order for a client's self-healing to occur.

Your Energy System

​​​​Golden Light Energy Practice

The energy system is comprised of these primary parts:

  • The Meridians, called Energy Pathways, flow within the body and innervate the organ and nervous systems.
  • The Chakras, called Energy Centers, act as translators for the energy. These centers help to slow down or speed up energy as it passes within the energy system.
  • The Aura exist within, through, and beyond the physical body. These fields are constantly interacting with other fields in our environment – these interacting fields can come from other people and from our natural and man-made environments.

The meridians, chakras and aura can be referred to as our energetic anatomy. Each of these aspects of the energetic anatomy has different functions within our energetic system.

As you learn more about the energy centers and fields, you may be able to see connections between your energy system and the aspects yourself which may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritually.


The meridian system has deep roots with in the Chinese culture and is primarily utilized in modalities such as acupuncture or reflexology.  The meridians act as pathways to move energy between the physical body systems and the nervous system. These pathways are both fed by and feed energy and energy information to the chakras and fields that correspond to different aspects of an individual - including specific energetic aspects of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual encoded in our life experience.


Chakras (Energy Cneters)

The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit and translates into 'spinning wheel of light'.

Each chakra has a specific vibratory frequency, color, location and function. Each chakra has a specific location in the energy system and relates to specific organs and endocrine glands.

As you move up each chakra the the frequency increases and so does the color along the light spectrum.

During a Healing Touch session, a practitioner focuses on the chakras. Each of these chakras have general meanings or purposes in the energy system and correspond to a variety of aspects.